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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 5, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops right here and we're definitely looking out for you.. welcome to this special edition of "handy." a few weeks ago we invited an audience made up of african-american conservatives to talk about the most important and controversial issues regarding race in our society. especial since we have seen time and time again if you're african-american and conservetive you're demonized. due to the overwhelming response we received on the program, we decided it was important to do a second show. so for the next hour i'll be joined once again by another group of renown african-american conservatives. and before i turn to the floor and turn it over to them, there are a few statistics i believe are important to highlight. first, democrats like to perpetuate the lie that they are the party of minorities. and to their point in the last
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election, the presidential election, according to the fox news exit polls, 93% of african-americans voted for barack obama. only 6% voted for governor mitt romney. my question is, why? well, let's take a look at the statistics. now, back when barack obama became president back in january of 2009, the unemployment rate among african-americans was a startling 12.7%. but guess what? fast forward four years. that number is even worse. the current unemployment rate of this group is now 13.5%. now unfortunately those aren't the only startling statistics when it comes to those who need food stamp assistance. in 2009 over 7 million african-americans participated in the program. now according to the most recent information that we have, this number has now risen over 10 million. and that's not all. in 2009 over 9 million african-americans were listed as living in poverty. this shouldn't come as a shock today. that number is worse. according to the latest data, over 10 million are now listed
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in that category. so my question is this, clearly president obama's policies are not working or helping african-americans. so why wouldn't they want to see what at least conservatives have to offer? joining me to help answer this question, a distinguished group of african-american conservatives, give yourselves a big hand. welcome. thank you. all right. last time i got in trouble for saying african-american. you were just -- why are you -- why is that the wrong term? you all agree, let me survey, is that the wrong term? >> yes. >> hands up, wrong term. how many right term? >> i don't think it matters as much dealing with african-american versus black. i had a conversation with james jones who said it took him a long time to get from color to negro. poverty knows no color. and the fact of the matter is liberals utilize an agenda that actually exploits us. >> and i understand intellectually that's the right
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argument. language, however, matters. and when you hyphenate yourselves as americans, what you don't focus on is the fact that we're people, we're human, we're american. the left uses the hyphenation to separate you. and if nothing else, fight back at the language itself and take it for what it really is, intellectually to your point. >> carol? >> what bothers me about it is that jesse jackson that said we would henceforth be african-americans. he moved us from blacks. that's why i rejected it. >> you're agreeing with that. >> sean, i look forward to the time and day when whether it is black american or african-american, we completely get away from hyphenated americans. if we are going to be -- we are americans period. we are going to make the transition the way we need to. and america come to this revolution of our constitutional boundaries and come together as a country moving forward, we have to start seeing ourselves as americans. owe don't go to french and see black french or brown italians.
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we are americans. that african-american, not -- >> we are americans but a certain kind. we are americans like everyone else and really eject jesse jackson's parody. >> go ahead. >> using the less tactics, we should reject that every opportunity. the less that we put people in boxes. we are women and men. i refuse to be placed in their box. i have never been in their box and never been to africa. i'm black. it's okay. if you want to be african-american, i'm fine with that, too, but i refuse to allow someone like jesse jackson to define who i am. >> sean, there's an important point here about the culture. and it is american, not just blacks. anyone can become an american by coming to this country, going through the process, come from any country in the world. it's unique about this country. you can keep your italian, your irish, your every heritage wherever you come from. >> are you making fun of my
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irish family? >> yes, i am. because i have irish in my family because i can do that, but my point is you can become an american, anyone, anywhere in the world from any country can become an american. why do we self-segregate? let's focus on what really matters. >> god -- god did not make us color behind, okay? got gave us the ability to see in color. i look at whites, i look at blacks, i look at hispanics, i don't care! that's the point we need to get to. it's not so much as i'm a black american. i don't care to say that. i'm black and i'm proud. i was raised in the house with james brown. so over and over again it has been beat into my head, and i'm not ashamed of it. i don't care. and that has to be the message we take. stop caring. >> i lost all control of the show. this was not the topic. but this is important, isn't it? go ahead. >> we have spent the last couple of minutes talking about color. when we have a high unemployment
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rate, when we have more black men in prison today, when the fact that we get a college education but can we find a job, but yet when sean read the statistics, the majority of us voted for a president that does show our concern. >> why? >> because right now we as republicans have not put forth an urban agenda to counter what the democrats and president obama has said. not one time when we look at high unemployment, when the president introduced his nominee for secretary of labor, he talked about disability, he talked about the lbgt community, not one time in that five-minute speech of mr. perez did he talk about anything about the african-american or black community and the unemployment. >> yes. back there and then star. yeah. >> i want to say this, with the color thing, my mom's 86 years old, somebody walked up to her and said, sister, do you know where you're from? she said, yeah, i'm from long island new york.
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no, do you know what country you're from? yeah, from the united states of america. so, i mean, that's the way that they are trying to shove it down their side. but if we can say, hey, guess what? you know what? we are all americans. i mean, i served in the military. we weren't black and white in the military. well, we weren't black and white in the military, we were the united states military. we die -- we protected each other, we watched each other's back. whether we were black or white, we watched each other's back. that's what we have to do. >> isn't there also a spiritual component to this? i'm a christian and believe god created every human being with talent and ability. and unfortunately the way society is now, a lot of our kids, all races are falling behind. and these statistics aught to scare everybody because the unemployment rate for black teenagers in this country right now is 50%. those kids are now going to be on the street, they are not skills they need rking and
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to get ahead later in life. >> to the point that was made about having a rapid response, when they play race, the president just made a declaration that we should do away with christian and/or catholic education because these are divisive. yet one of the reasons we have such high unemployment is because these young people are not getting a high quality. >> none of us chose our birth, but what we should be able to choose regardless of color, and we recognize it and see it for what it is, we should be able to choose our future and we have opportunity in this country. and that's what the promise of america is. you don't choose your birth, you choose your future and have the right to pursue it. >> i have a question, show of hands, how many in this audience think the president's agenda, you have 93% of the black vote in the last election, how many of you think his policies have hurt black america?
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anybody? all of americans. specifically when dealing with -- okay. we are going to take a break. we'll come back to that point when we come back. coming up next on this special edition of "hannity --" >> join with me today in abandoning the party of disappointment so that we may all echo the words of one republican leader who famously said, free at last, free at last. >> and that was louisiana state senator who recently decided to leave the democratic party and join the gop. coming up next, we'll discuss his bold decision and some members of our studio audience say they have made the same switch and will explain their reasoning coming up on this special edition of "hannity." clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars.
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welcome back to our special edition of "hannity" where we have black conservatives part 2. recently elbert guillery left the democratic party and joined the gop. >> i want to explain why i chose to become a republican and also explain why i don't think it was a bold decision at all. it is the right decision. not only for me, but for all my brothers and sisters in the black community. you see, in recent history, the democratic party has created the illusion that their agenda and
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their policies are what's best for black people. you see, at the heart of liberalism is the idea that only a great and powerful big government can be the benefactor of social justice for all americans. but the left is only concerned with one thing, control. and they disguise this control as charity. the idea that blacks or anyone for that matter need the government to get ahead in life is despicable. >> guillery is not the only black member who feels that way. some members of our audience were also members of the democratic party and eventually, thankfully, they saw the light. t.w. shannon, you're the speaker of the house in oklahoma. >> i am, sean. >> were you a democrat? >> i was for two years when i first registered. but the interesting part is i didn't learn my conservative values from any elected official, i learned them from bethlehem baptist church. the bottom line is we cannot continue to wait for the federal government to lead in areas of
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education, health care, the national party has shown that they are either unwilling or incapable to make the necessary change that is are going to move this country forward. if there's going to be change, it will happen in the halls of state government. >> why is it not helping the whole country, specifically black americans, why did he get 93% of the vote? >> i think it's a symbolism of what he represented. i think we as americans are attracted to icons and his election initially represented a moment in history where we all knew there had been some progress, but the fact that there was an african-american president-elected was a good thing. that's certainly not a bad thing at all. i think many people felt a sense of pride about that, but the bottom line is the policies are what's going to make the difference and make the legacy. and those policies have not been in the favor of not only african-americans, native-americans, or america as a whole. >> go ahead. >> not just policy but making the case. you know, making the argument, i was talking to my friend sonny johnson back there earlier about how it's time for us, especially as black conservatives, to move
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beyond the race discussion and start talking about how we persuade people. honestly when i've had an open, passionate discussion about why i am a conservative, a former liberal, now conservative, and have explained why -- it's because i care for my people. it's because i care for my community. it is because everything we've been doing for the last 50 years has made things worse for us, not better. and i want us to try something different. you start winning people -- so we need to have that discussion. >> i promise we'll get everybody. judge, you are a superior court judge in north carolina. >> yes. >> okay. and a role model and a success story for everybody. are these kids going to be left behind if they are not working in the summer snim. >> absolutely. and i have been a member of the republican party for ten years now, proud member, had a road to damascus conversion where i fell off the dock and saw the light. and i have had the opportunity
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to speak with friends and family members about the conversion and the conversation starts around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and one person at a time discussing what our values were growing up in our households and in our churches. >> all right. let me go to katrina. you're back with us. she's got her cowgirl boots on. the dallas tea party. >> i want to just address something that kira said. i think she's right. we need to take some responsibility and get out there and actually deliver the message. unfortunately, i think that when people do meet us and realize we are not just mean crazy right wing extremists, they can make an exception for you. >> you are not a nut job. >> nut job, extremist, all of the above. what really needs to happen is those at the top of the republican party, they are the ones that have to make that message clear. they have to go to the neighborhoods and show these kids who they are so that they
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are not the mean monster in the back of the closet. >> show of hands, republicans have failed to reach out to the black community? >> you know, sean -- >> sean, even more so -- >> one at a time. >> i'll leave this alone. i'm a big proponent of taking responsibility. i've always been that way. i'm not going to throw any stones, not directly at the republican party. i'm going to start with myself and the conservatives in this room, which makes me so proud to be here, is if we are going to use biblical examples, we are like the joshua and caleb that we want to the promised land. now we are coming back to tell everyone it's okay. we can inhibit the giants and take the land. but we have to be patient. i'm not finished, we have to be patient. i'm going to get this out. we have to be patient with those that cannot see the light that aren't there yet. and as the judge said, go back to our communities. i don't want the republican party to go to my family. i can go myself. and if we do that, we'll convert way more people.
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we have to realize the power of ourselves. >> all right, hang on. >> i switched parties in 1993 from democrat to republican. i've had such an e fifny that i wrote a book "bamboozled." this book is still selling and each chapter in that book is based on a chapter in the bible. i went to memphis, tennessee, to the world of commerce, predominantly black church, and gave a sermon about why we have left who we are at black conservatives. when you go to the house of god and you talk about, like chapter 1, uncle sam isn't your baby's daddy, therefore you need to get married before you have a child. and that's telling the government, people will listen. >> we got to break. i promise we'll get back soon. >> rather than talking principles, values and what works. we hear about switching to republican. i want to tell people you should first recognize you have a
9:20 pm
choice. you should at least know why you made that choice. have a reason and a basis for that choice. you want to be a liberal, be a liberal, but know why you're a conservative. >> but republicans need to go into people's communities, shake -- shake their hand and ask for their vote. ask for the vote. all right, hang on. we got to take a break. coming up, we'll have more with the studio audience. by the way, everyone's really shy. coming up after the break, we'll talk about how the main street media tries to perpetuate the lie that republicans and conservatives don't like or care about minorities.
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media have been in the pocket of the obama administration since the date he stepped food in the oval office, maybe earlier. and we wonder why the so-called journalists have been repeating over the years is that when conservatives criticize the obama white house, they say the president's race is a factor. here's an example from martin bashar talking about the irs enemies list. watch this. >> the irs is being used in exactly the same way as they tried to use the president's birth certificate. you see, for republicans like daryl islip, the irs stands for something inflammatory. those three letters are now on fire with political corruption burning hot just like that suspicious fire that engulfed mr. isis warehouse back in 1982. and despite the complete lack of any evidence linking the president to the targeting of tea party groups, republicans
9:26 pm
are using it as their latest weapon in the war against the black man in the white house. >> all right. we continue -- you don't like this, all right. >> that's an amazing comment. the irs a few weeks ago actual apologized for this targeting of the tea party and conservatives. so with the irs, in fact, try to embarrass obama when they apologized for this behavior? this is delusional. any time people criticize obama for racist reasons is because -- >> i just had a reporter do this to me, like four different ways he said, you don't like the president because he's black. i said, no, i don't like him because he's a socialist. kara? sorry. >> that's okay. i'm a member of the westchester tea party and one of the founding principles is the relying on the constitution. and i believe there's a misconception when we say we want to go back to the
9:27 pm
constitution, they think race and slavery, but that's not it. the constitution explicitly says we are all created equal. so talking at going into schools and talking to young children, i think if we show them the constitution and what it actually means and explain it to them, maybe that would draw them to it more and to realize that it is there to help us and protect us but not to give us things. >> i know our founding fathers, we can deal with the whole issue of our constitutional convention, i don't think the country would have been formed if they tried to deal with the evil of slavery at the time. they tried. but one thing to their credit and their wisdom they put in place a system where we can right wrongs and correct injustices and history has proven, the country fought a civil war, we had a civil rights movement, the '64 voting rights civil rights act. carol? >> i would like to say that for me, i've been a democrat most of my life and i made the switch
9:28 pm
maybe about ten years ago. it was not easy to become a republican. i went democrat, independent and eventually republican. and i don't see how anyone that calls themselves a christian could actually belong to the democratic party. >> why do you say that? >> because it's the party of abortion. and if you look at the impact on african-americans, if republicans were doing to blacks what democrats are doing, it would be called genocide. >> wow. ron kristy? >> the think we said at the top of the segment that upsets me the most is that the white house use race as a means to stop conversation. if you say that someone is a racist or they play the race card, the policies have failed americans in general to fail the black community in particular. what they are doing for the lack of school choice is killing our kids. what they are doing with gun violence in our inner cities is killing black kids, but does the media want to discuss this? no, because it takes away from
9:29 pm
the narrative that obama the democrat is doing great things and republicans are racist and they don't really get it. >> go ahead. >> just to see you back on that point, the left uses race as an emotional video. the video you just showed, on we have an action for black conservatives to take action and to send him a note to make him apologize for what he did. and another thing i want to mention is that when we have black conservative that is come out to promote liberty and personal responsibility, we need a support system. because there are way too many people who are afraid to come out and say something because of targeting from their family, their friends, people who are close to them. and so we have a great room of leaders here. there are many, many more black conservatives out there. and we need to do more of these programs, but also to develop a support system so that there are more people that can come out for liberty and talk about the implorable educational numbers and the ridiculous crime rates and all that. >> carl?
9:30 pm
>> i think there are three things we have to do. we have to show up in communities like rand paul did when he went to howard university, so we have to go to communities -- normally that wouldn't be receptive to our message. second, we have to communicate what we stand for. why is it a benefit? not just for that community, but for the whole country. and then we have to justify our brand, our real brand, not the perceived brand. so, we need to use examples like our gop governors. these governors, rick perry and we have other great governors in red states, if you live in those states, you have a greater chance of their conservative policies, so we need to make a connection. there are people moving to the red states and don't realize they are moving towards the benefits of limited government, economic freedom. and then they vote like they did in the blue states they moved from. so we need to incorporate those three plans. show up, communicate and justify. >> i just want to make a point. i just want you to know --
9:31 pm
>> hang on, let me get a mike on you. >> i'll take yours. no. i just wanted to point out, we spent six months fighting for school choice in texas and it failed. so i just want to make that point. >> i want to take a break. we'll get everybody in. i know we have a lot more to cover. we still have half the show. coming up, more with our special studio audience of black conservatives as "hannity" continues. by the way, thank you for being with us. ♪ ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig supporters of ousted president homd morsi striking back at those who had him removed. confrontations killing at least 30 people nationwide. and 195,000 jobs were added in june. the unemployment rate remains
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7.6% despite the added jobs due to more unemployed people looking for work. the vatican moving to declare pope john paul ii to sainthood saying a woman cured from a deadly brain aneurysm was the miracle needed. john paul ii pope from 1978 until his death in 2005. now back to the hannity special black conservatives in america. welcome back to our special edition of "hannity." it is an audience rendition composed of black conservatives. you are a member of the fed rick douglas foundation. we talked during the break, you have a complaint about the congressional caucus. >> yes, as we talk about a variety of different topics, by biggest concern is that
9:36 pm
disservice to us. we look at detroit and cleveland, we look at north carolina, we can go all over the country, and those communities are not doing well. >> they are bulldozing neighborhoods. >> absolutely. >> it's horrible. it's horrible. go ahead. i promise, you're going to weigh in. >> one of the things i wanted to address early on, you asked the question and said why 93% of the votes went to president obama, and nobody addressed that. and when you think spiritually of the issues that affect the black community, you have to
9:37 pm
talk about idolatry, and that's exalting something above god, right? when you look at what happened in the second term, not the first term, because i think everybody got caught up in this, oh, my goodness, black president type thing, but when you look at the second term, it was idolatry because the sheep clothes were off. and everybody knew what they were getting, but they still voted for him because they exalted the color of their skin over the word of god. if we don't address that in the black community and say, that, my friend, is idolatry, then we have trouble. >> you mean people that have that in their life? >> exactly. >> i think that's the exercise for the black community. the it's the church. it's the church. we have social, we have government, we have, you know, you got to get back to the church. the church is the one that fought for freedom for free rights, for civil rights. it's the church that was the one pioneering this stuff.
9:38 pm
and so i feel like it goes back to us, being christians. and black people, you know, whether they hear it from their grandmother, their mom or great grandma, they know something about church and god. >> harold, i lived in atlanta, i knew maynard jackson, jose young, i was best friends with jose williams, i knew john louis, the bravery the men showed during the civil rights movement unprecedented, but they are all liberal democrats. louis farrakhan has a church. he even has part of his message about the responsibility being good. >> one of the things we do in baton rouge, we have a mentor protege program. we focus on entrepreneurship. these kids are not -- we put ownership mentality versus consumer mentality. when we --
9:39 pm
>> as long as they say they don't want to be a radio talk show host. i don't need any more competition. >> well, we find that ownership mentality versus the consumer mentality and show the kids in the community the only way they get out of poverty is on their own. >> that's a good point. then they will own their own house and business and car. yes, in the corner. >> i'm charles butler. >> hi, charles. >> hi. i listened to everyone talk here and really appreciate your point of views. i've been a republican since '72 out of the university of michigan. but the issue here is that we have not focused on is illegal immigration and immigration reform. we have people who are talking about legalizing 12 million people and bringing in another 33 million guest workers who are
9:40 pm
going to impact people who are at the lower society owe economic entry level jobs of this country. >> they just said that this week in that report. >> yes, sir. and the cbo has already said that it's going to be a very detrimental impact, have a very detrimental impact on black americans. i just read the issue the other day. those are the issues we have to focus on. once we invite the law, we need to deal with that now and deal with it through the black alliance. >> jennifer, we have not gotten you in yet. hi. >> thank you. i want to address two things, number one, i'm the social media director for the i manage our facebook page. 75% of the posts that go up are from me, yet we still put a picture up about obama and say something about his policies and we are racist. i share videos of me speaking at tea party rallies, i have shared articles that i've written, and
9:41 pm
people still accuse me of not existing because i can't question obama. and i think -- >> you look real to me. >> thank you so much. one thing that we really need to keep in mind when you think about both hyphenation and it's not just the loss of the black community but also of the youth, it's the fact that we've let the left take control of the school system. i was a teacher for 12 years and i remember teachers from well-to-do areas talking about the kids who had a mother who was a drug addict and a father in prison, and they let these kids slide by and gave them all these special privileges. and i would tell them, look, you're not doing that child any favors. they need structure in their life beyond anything because of what they're going through at home. >> what they need is a mom and a dad. maybe my father did the belt, but they need discipline. the hard core -- >> they long for -- i was the toughest teacher in the school. and they wanted to be in my
9:42 pm
class because they knew i would hold them accountable, but they also knew there was time to have fun, but they worked hard because i expected it. and they live up to expectations. >> we have to take a break. that's a great point. i wish i had you as a teacher. all my teachers were liberal. >> i didn't know what i was at the time. >> we have to take a break. when we come back, more with our studio audience straight ahead as "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." jason riley, last but not least. >> well, i wanted to pick up on something about why the enthusiasm among blacks for obama is what it is.
9:47 pm
and i think part of it is simplism, but i also think the media plays something of a role in making blacks feel guilty if they don't enthusiastically support the president. i've seen the media as an extension of the left. and the left really has no use for blacks who don't want to blame their problems on other people. if you're a black person who wants to blame youth, racism or the legacy of slavery, all purpose explanation for everything wrong in the black community, they will embrace you with open arms on the left. but if you say that, you know, incarceration rates and education skills and so forth and ill legit macy rates need to be solved by themselves, the blacks have no use for you. >> we discussed it is acceptable in the media to use the worst in nasty, vicious attacks. >> they start psychoanalyzing you. >> hi. >> i just wanted to address the
9:48 pm
fact of blind loyalty. so many times in people that i speak with, they just automatically vote democrat. when i say, well, what do you think of this politician or this politician? well, i don't care about that, i'm going to vote democrat. well, why? my mom voted democrat or my aunt voted democrat or my grandmother voted democrat, so we are just democrats. and what i think is important is to be able to know and understand both sides and then make an educated decision, not just a blind loyalty because when you just blindly follow, oftentimes you fall into a ditch and then you don't know why you're there so you don't know how to get out. >> i know you wanted to jump in. go ahead. >> i'm with you. i'm more conservative than i am gop. and that is the reason because i was brought up in the tea party. now, what i think the difference between the tea party and gop is is people or yen at a timed or
9:49 pm
politics orientated. the disconnect is when you say the constitution is good, we want to go back to our founding principles. they don't know what the principles are, they don't want to know what the principles are. give them a wallet, buy him a wallet and tell him, here's your charge. never, ever let a police officer take this wallet from you and never, ever let it go empty. that is how you do it. you go and give them capitalism, you give them something to fight for. but you cannot go in and say, well, this policy is good, you should now change your mind. because they ask, where are the blacks in the tea party? blacks show up at occupy wall street? where are the blacks in the rest of the places? >> okay. >> this is why i love her because she and i have done this over and over again on my show. she does it publicly. i'm one of the original tea
9:50 pm
party founders. all of us formed a national tea party federation and we never talked about color, we talked about education, we talked about the things reform.
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esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. special edition of "hannity." advice for not only african-american kids, white african-american kids, white >> get your education. it's the key to knowledge. >> parents, force them. >> you need to learn how to argue both sides for yourself. >> i hate arguing the liberal side. >> i'd say the same thing. school choice is vital. the very first thing president obama did was shut down the d.c. voucher program. that's a shameful thing. >> good advice. >> you're a state legislator? >> it's about prosperity, sean. conservative principles lead to prosperity. reject the notion that you need to have a special standard. we did it in oklahoma. we are showing that it works. >> you went through a lot. you pulled yourself up and out?
9:57 pm
>> the lord saved me personally and then i opened a business. when you open a business, you want to keep what you worked for. we should open businesses. >> good point. >> the best piece of advice i ever got -- always be where you are supposed to be. >> be home before minight. nothing good happens after midnight. >> show up. everyone wants black conservatives and other leaders to show up. we need people in the community to show up too and keep an open mind. >> i think it's essential foritous return to judeo-christian values and principles. i think that every young person should read the book of pro-proverbs. >> you can never go wrong. >> my advice to young people, don't let anybody tell you what you can't do. have a goal. have a dream. do everything you can to achieve that dream. >> well sadism i think it's crucial for young people to empower themselves and be independent and not rely on anyone. >> think for yourself. don't let other people tell what you to think.
9:58 pm
>> i like that a lot. >> do the math in life. educate yourself, learn as much as you can. look at all sides, to earlier points. but do the math. come up with a plan for your life -- >> you are going to give us a lecture. >> be the very best at whatever you do. >> angela? >> register to vote. when you vote, know why you are voting for who you are voting for. >> in all you are getting, get understanding. don't be afraid to fail. keep getting back up. >> whenever someone is telling to you pay attention to a minor issue, like this -- the color of your skin, question that. understand that they're deflecting. they don't want you to think about the real issues. that's what this entire discussion has been about, the real issues. >> the majority of our children are living in poverty. that has been billed as the government's help. so my question would be, you see your mom, you see her struggling. is it enough? when they tell you, we want to help you. look altwhere you live right now, look at what you get right now and then ask yourself and
9:59 pm
then ask your mother. my mom had a third-grade education. what you have to do, you have to say, is this enough? >> get an education and be wary of group think. >> you know, chairman priebees was in ohio asking black businesses, what do we need to do? but for the young people, say to you, walk across the street and ask a republican, will you take a chance on me and mentor me to give that you opportunity? >> they won't give t. but if you ask -- they might. they might. >> very well said. >> don't follow the herd. also, don't throw god away. don't throw away god. >> last one. >> either/or? >> please, let me have this. we are dying. we are killing ourselves. no one is doing this to us. we are doing this to ourselves. if we do not stop it, no democrat is going to stop it, no republican, no liberal, no
10:00 pm
conservative. we must stop killing ourselves. >> give yourself a big hand. thank you [applause] >> that's all the time we have left for this special edition of "hannity." as always, we'll see you back here soon. tonight, high drama in the george zimmerman trail. tray vob's mother testifying that the voice here on the 911 audiotape screaming in the background belongs to her dead son. and the attorney for trayvon's family is here to go on the record. >> have you ever heard him while he was growing up, heard him cry or yelling? >> yes. >> you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> there just were gun shots. >> just heard gunshots? >> yes. >> screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be?